Every Bunny Is A Yoga Bunny
Yo-Yo is a fidgety, wriggly young bunny who just can't sit still. 
When Grandpa bunny shows Yo-Yo and her siblings some yoga she is just as restless and giggly despite trying to follow the poses. Her eye catches sight of a fluttering butterfly and in a moments distraction, Yo-Yo bounds away in playful chase only to get lost in a shadowy forest. Alone and frightened she remembers Grandpa's yoga poses! With slow breaths to help calm her mind she can focus and retraces her way back home.
This gentle introduction to yoga and mindfulness is captured in a reassuring story set to a natural backdrop of meadow flowers and buzzing bees. The back pages include a step-by-step guide to Yo-Yo's yoga poses.
Debut author Emily Ann Davison
Published by National Trust & Nosy Crow 2022
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