There Is No Big Bad Wolf In This Story
Wolf is rushing and he's late again! Everyone is grumpy and nobody appreciates his Big Bad Wolfing. Not the Three Little Pigs or Little Red Riding Hood. He is done with being Big and Bad in two stories. Blowing down the Three Little Pig houses and scaring Little Red Riding Hood all the way over the other side of the forest.
 He can't be in BOTH places at once!
Everyone keeps telling Wolf he is late and ruining their stories. Well, he's had enough. Maybe the fairytale characters think they can do a better job! They Huff and they Puff with disastrous results.
A cunningly well-crafted story by the twisted mind of Lou Carter. Writer of many a fractured fairytale and author of There Is No Dragon In This Story.
Published by Bloomsbury 2021
Translated into 23 languages

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